DT Simply Magnolia – Reminder Anything but a card

Hi crafters,

I am back with a new Project and this time I’ve made a minialbum from Tilda Zodiac Collection. I’ve used the Pink Zutter Bind-it-all machine.
To be quite honest this project is not 100 % finished.. well the album is but not all images is.. it took much longer time than I thought it would, since there are twelve Lovely images to color.. now let’s take a look of the parts that is finished.. ; )

First out on the front page is Tilda Leo. She was the one to get to cover the front page along with some flowers and corner relief.
The decoration is of course minimized given the size of the book, but behind the image I put some cheesclothes and lace. The flowers comes from Strömstad Scrapbooking. Tho gorgeous paper comes from Pion.

Within shortly, remaining images from Zodiac Collection will follow..






Hugs from Britt



2 thoughts on “DT Simply Magnolia – Reminder Anything but a card

  1. Hi Sarah
    Thank you so much for your kind Words.
    They definitely warms my ♥
    Later this evening I will try to post the rest of the book, since it is now all finished.
    Take care and have a great evening! ;D
    Hugs Britt


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